Application for participation in the competition of innovative and ecologically friendly startups

Please answer the questionnaire. After reviewing the submitted questionnaire, we may contact you for a telephone interview to clarify the details. Have any questions about completing the questionnaire? Contact us by email at: (National Communications Expert – Tetiana Vekha)


The name of the startup project

Who is submitting the project (name of the enterprise/creative team/name of the individual)

Year of foundation or registration (for enterprises and organizations)

Location (actual)

Web page/page on social networks (if available)

Logo (if available) (file format: jpg,pdf,png,jpeg no more than 5mb)

Description (brief description for 3-4 sentenses of the idea, product or servise)

Team of startup project (information about the team that will implement the startup project - the total number of participants, the name of each participant, the availability of a degree, position in the enterprise, contact information)

Technology (Is your idea is a new or an improved version of an existing technology, describe how it works, you can write any other important information about your technology in this section)

Field of application

Potential market (indicate the potential markets - country (ies), enterprises, organizations (indicate the names). In the case of memorandums or cooperation agreements with enterprises, it is necessary to specify and provide information on cooperation.

The main advantages of the project (information about the innovation and uniqueness of the startup project compared to existing prototypes or already existing startups in Ukraine and in the world)

Problems solved by startup project (Describe the problem solved for what serves your idea)

Objects of intellectual property (the presence / absence of patents / documents on intellectual property, copyright, property contracts, etc.)

The degree of completion of the startup project (the presence or absence of a prototype, the presence or absence of technical documentation, the presence or absence of a business plan)

Financing (in hryvnias and/or USD dollars: (own funds, funds attracted, how much more funds are needed to complete the project)

Estimated project implementation time

Name of contact person (who will represent the startup project):


Middle Name

Title(role in the project)




In addition, please provide the following documents:
Presentation of the startup project (file format: jpg,pdf,pptx,ppt,png,jpeg no more than 5mb)

Scan copy of patents/certificates of copyright, agreements (if any) (file format: jpg,pdf,png,jpeg no more than 5mb)

For enterprises - a scan-copy of the registration document (file format: jpg,pdf,png,jpeg no more than 5mb)

For creative teams - a document based on which team collaborates (file format: jpg,pdf,png,jpeg no more than 5mb)


To participate in the startups competition are invited small and medium-sized enterprises with a registration period of not more than 3 years, organizations, creative teams, scientific societies and unions, individuals-inventors.

The application deadline is June 12, 2022.

Startup projects should focus on the introduction of clean technologies (any processes, products or services that reduce negative environmental impacts throught significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources (including waste management) or environmental protectionactivities and to result in reductions in greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Innovation can be a product, technology, methodological approach, software, design project. Startup projects should not be projects for the reconstruction or restructuring of existing businesses.