A mixture of green gases as a substitute for freon in freezers – National Winner 2023

A mixture of green gases as a substitute for freons in freezers with an operating temperature of up to -190C.

Production of highly effective hemostatic agents – National Winner 2023

Quick, effective and safe stopping of bleeding using a specific blood clotting activator.

Fumibox – Winner in the nomination “Innovations for food safety”

An innovative system of satellite data analysis that allows you to understand all the characteristics of the field and evaluate it on all aggregate indicators

Production of innovative eco-vessels – Winner in the nomination “Waste recycling”

Personal equipment for fumigation of organic bulk products

GREEN STICK – Winner in the nomination “Youth entrepreneurial initiative”

The first eco-friendly gastronomic solutions for consumers of hot drinks in Ukraine

RE-leaf PAPER – National winner of the 3rd wave of the Acceleration Program

Technology for highly productive production of cellulose from fallen leaves as a material for paper production.

Atmosphere – Winner in the nomination “Women’s Leadership”

An intelligent weather data processor that combines a computing server, its own weather network and third-party weather data