Investment policy

The main coordination center for investment policy in Ukraine is the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU), which exerts its influence through Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine (MEDTAU). The Regulation on the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine was approved by CMU Resolution No. 459 of July 20, 2014 (last revision dated December 4, 2019 pursuant to CMU Resolution No. 1072). You can find the Ministry’s Regulations in detail here.

MEDTAU has separate Department for Innovations and Investments in its structure.  The main tasks of the Department are:

  • ensuring the formation and implementation of public investment policy, in particular with regard to public investment management, public policy in the field of public-private partnership, innovative activity in the real sector of the economy, creation and operation of industrial parks;
  • participation in the formation and implementation of public policy in the field of scientific and technical activities, including the development of the digital economy.

The Regulation on the Department for Innovations and Investments approved by MEDTAU Order No 810 dated 26.12.2019.

The State Finance Institution for Innovations (SFII) was established with the purpose of providing financial support for innovative activity of economic entities of different ownership types, as well as attracting domestic and foreign investments for the development of the real sector of the economy, enhancing the domestic potential for export of products produced at the enterprises of the branches of the national economy, protection and support of the national commodity producer. The SFII Statut is available here.

Interagency Commission on Public Investment Projects was established in accordance with CMU Resolution No. 571 dated July 22, 2015. The main task of the Commission is the selection of public investment projects, the development and implementation of which is carried out using public capital investments (except those that involve government loans (loans) from foreign countries, foreign financial institutions and international financial institutions, and projects implemented under account of funds from the State Regional Development Fund). The Commission is chaired by the Minister for Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture.

Investment Attraction Office (UkraineInvest) is a permanent advisory body to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, established by the Government in October 2016 to attract foreign direct investment in Ukraine and improve the country’s image as an attractive country for investment. The Government of Ukraine has also appointed a Government Investment Ombudsman to coordinate the activities of the Office and to report to the Government on matters related to investment support.

Also, according to CMU Decision “On approval of the recommended lists of structural subdivisions of regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol city and district state administrations” No. 606 dated April 18, 2012 each regional and district state administration has a department (or other structural subdivision) of economic development, trade and investment attraction.


Ukrainian legislation in the field of investment activity (in the order of adoption)

(All documents are available in Ukrainian only)