POLYSTRACH_UA – Finalist 2nd place 2019

A biopolymer production project with a controlled biological destruction period

Р-G-WES – Finalist 3rd place 2019

Reduction of consumption of traditional fuels due to the use of hydrogen in the combustion process

Uf.Bee – Winner in the nomination “Women in Entrepreneurship” 2019

Waxed wipes Uf.Bee – eco alternative to plastic food film

Hydrogel drug bandages – Finalist 2019

The project envisages the production of polymer-based hydrogel bonds with the addition of drugs

Radiophysical gravimeter RG-alfa – Finalist 2019

RG-alfa is a new generation relativistic radiophysical gravimeter that allows measured absolute and relative acceleration along three axes in a single device.

River Solar – Finalist 2019

River Solar is an energy efficient tile made from plastic debris and solar panels.