Stella Solar – Finalist 2019

Innovative structurally integrated development (solar roof- combination of sandwich panels and solar panels) in the field of renewable energy.

Impulsar – Finalist 2019

Impulsar is a smart bracelet to alert people with epilepsy to the likelihood of a crisis

KVP Welding Technologies – Finalist 2019

Design of Fully Used Stick Welding Electrodes (FUSWE) and innovation technology of their application

3S – Finalist 2019

Technology for processing the technological effluent of a potato chip processing plant.

BIO CO2 – Finalist 2019

Construction of a plant for the production of liquefied carbon dioxide (with pre-treatment and saccharification) due to the complete utilization of the fermentation gases of the alcohol plant.

Frolov’s engine – Finalist 2019

Production of an industrial model of the next-generation (Frolov’s) internal combustion engine

Glu Cheek – Finalist 2019

Glu Cheek is a device for mobile phones for non-invasive blood glucose measurement

Mushroom cultivation – Finalist 2019

A project to dispose of bread and alcohol waste by cultivating medicinal mushrooms.

Contactless ultrasonic thickness meter of wood – Finalist 2019

The project of the creation of a portable ultrasonic thickness meter for semi-finished wood products