Technology of reducing the negative impact of polymers on the environment – National Winner 2020

Development of MIR-separator for separation of plastics by types

SaveEcoBot – finalist 2nd place 2020

World’s first chatbot, which provides information about the state of the air not only through a map or application, but through all the most popular messengers.

KRIOFOR – finalist 3rd place 2020

Technology to increase the productivity and energy efficiency of commercial and semi-industrial refrigeration systems

HydrateBiotech – Winner in the nomination “The best project in the field of bioenergy” 2020

Improving the production of biomethane (methane content 92-95%) from raw biogas (content: methane35-60%, carbon dioxide- 40-65%, hydrogen sulfide impurities- 0, 2-2%).

Geron Core – Winner in the nominations “Medicine for Sustainable Development” and “Best Women’s Project” 2020

Geron Core – a new generation of cardiac implants for children with congenital heart defects

Hydrodynamic cavitation technology of disinfection and wastewater treatment – Winner in the nomination “Clean Water” 2020

The project to develop technology for hydrodynamic treatment and disinfection of municipal and livestock wastewater

Wireless transmission of electricity – Winner in the nomination “Technological breakthrough” 2020

Unique method of transformation of the Earth’s electromagnetic field into electricity, with its subsequent wireless transmission to consumers

GREENCOOL – National Winner 2019

Development and production of innovative energy efficient industrial refrigeration equipment

Panacea – Winner in the nomination “Medicine for sustainable development” 2019

Apparatus for enhancing immunity in the blood – Panacea