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Monthly Digest of news in the field of transition to a Green Economy, Clean Technologies and Innovations.

March, 2022

Network VC (US) has created a Special Venture Fund and a “Support Ukrainian Startups” program to invest in startups from Ukraine >>>

Ukraine has shut down more than two-thirds of wind farms due to Russian aggression >>>

On March 30, at the initiative of the PAEU trade union, a topical webinar for industrial ecologists “Work of the enterprise ecologist in wartime 2022” will be held >>>

Half of Ukraine’s RES facilities are threatened with destruction due to the war. Infographics   >>>

Monthly monitoring of the renewable energy sector (RES) in Ukraine by the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency  >>>

Termination of measures of state supervision (control) and state market supervision in martial law  >>>

Decarbonisation legislation: what is planned and how will it affect the activities of enterprises?   >>>

In Ukraine, SES will be installed at gas distribution stations >>>

The cost of CO2 capture in the world will be $ 52 billion by 2025, – the study. Infographics >>>

Energy Front: Will Ukrainians have enough gas during the war? >>>

Green Hydrogen: Stimulating Industrial Development for a Clean and Sustainable Future  >>>

Site-Specific Assessment of Bioenergy Potential is Now Possible with IRENA’s Bioenergy Simulator >>>

Startup statistics for 2021: basic figures   >>>

Ukrainian Startups are fighting for Ukraine >>>

All the latest news from science parks, innovation areas and other areas of innovation around the world >>>

28% of Ukrainian startups stopped working during the war – the results of the survey  >>>

CleanTech for Europe: Saluting Ukrainian cleantech leaders, carbon pricing and IPOs: our February Policy Update   >>>