CleanTech News Digest

Monthly Digest of news in the field of transition to a Green Economy, Clean Technologies and Innovations.

May, 2022

The latest news about Ukrainian startups for 04/2022    >>>

Renewable energy is the key to rebuilding Ukraine’s economy and energy independence   >>>

How to save “green” energy  >>>

Investments in startups on climate technologies increased by 210%    >>>

Changes in employment in the clean energy sector by 2030   >>>

Ukraine will introduce energy management systems: what will change for businesses     >>>

Vector launches a series of specialized online meetups. The first is about startups and investments in 2022   >>>

Land lease for entrepreneurs: real or not?    >>>

6 requests for small business funding, including the EU Innovator Award HORIZON-EIC-2022-RisingInnovatorsPrize   >>>

Decarbonisation in the retail sector: who will pay for climate sustainability    >>>

Catalog of nature-oriented solutions    >>>

Agtech & New Food Edition Global Startup Ecosystem Report     >>> 

EU Quarterly CleanTech Briefing   >>>

Overview of over 25 CleanTech startups in Southeast Europe  >>>

Ukraine has created a Platform for Green Economic Recovery   >>>  

Business Forum “How to prepare businesses for work in new conditions: under the prism of eco-transformation, wartime and EU environmental requirements”    >>>

The impact of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction on the Green Deal    >>> 

Russia’s war in Ukraine is also a war against green energy   >>>  

Five approaches that municipalities can take to tackle the European energy crisis   >>>

How and where to find an investor when your country is at war. Pitch, model and search platform    >>>  

Wartime investments: what is there, who to invest in and what to do next   >>>

EU Cleantech Quarterly Briefing (Q1, 2022)  >>>  

Electricity from garbage: a biogas station was launched at the Lviv City Landfill   >>>

In 2022, a new record increase in RES is forecast   >>>  

GREEN ECONOMIC RECOVERY FORUM “Business in New Realities: War, Eco-Transformation, European Integration”  >>>  

Economic basis for the “green” reconstruction program for Ukraine    >>>  

Ukrainian Future Business Incubator has launched a program to support Ukrainian startups   >>>  

DTEK has initiated the “30 to 2030” project: what it envisages  >>>