CleanTech News Digest (April, 2022)

Monthly Digest of news in the field of transition to a Green Economy, Clean Technologies and Innovations

Issue #4 (April, 2022)

What damage did the Russian occupiers do to modern green energy companies and how to save the industry?    >>>

The EU wants to move more actively to renewable energy     >>>

Ukrainian IT specialist has created a program that will turn the iPhone into a night vision device   >>>

The Energy Community has established the Energy Infrastructure Restoration Fund of Ukraine    >>>

11 EU countries declare acceleration of “green transition” to abandon Russian fossil fuels    >>>

The EU stands ready to increase its energy efficiency target for the abandonment of Russian gas   >>>

The Ministry of Energy for the period of wartime quota payments for RES>>>

Where startups look for money during the war: a detailed guide   >>>

Network VC (US) has created a Special Venture Fund and a “Support Ukrainian Startups” program to invest in startups from Ukraine >>>

As a result of the war in Ukraine up to 1.5 GW of SES capacity was affected  >>>

Experience of effective replacement of fossil fuels with renewable ones in European countries   >>>

Action plan for the abandonment of Russian gas in Ukraine   >>>

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has accelerated the decarbonisation and development of hydrogen energy in the EU    >>>

How the war in Ukraine can accelerate Europe’s climate plans    >>>

Save the business during the war: a series of free webinars from Fondy and partners    >>>

How to build effective PR for startups    >>>

How is startup marketing different from classic marketing?     >>>

In 2021, Ukrainian startups attracted a record $ 832 million in investment   >>>

The President of Ukraine signed the Law on the Use of Energy Storage in Ukraine     >>>

The path to EU energy independence lies through clean   >>>

Where do startups look for money? (tips from UClaster)    >>>