CleanTech News Digest (December, 2022)

Monthly Digest of news in the field of transition to a Green Economy, Clean Technologies and Innovations.

November, 2022

Startups and Investments


The new angel fund Angel One will invest $1.5 million in Ukrainian startups   >>>

The Ukrainian Startup Fund and N1 Fund are launching a new investment program   >>>

Not only implementation. Why ideas are still worth something and how to evaluate them   >>>

The Ukrainian startup industry is estimated at €23.3 billion   >>>

13 innovative Ukrainian companies received a total of 500,000 euros for the development and implementation of new “green” technologies   >>>

Acceleration program for Ukrainian startups   >>>

A map of startups for the reconstruction of Ukraine and the Ukrainian economy is presented   >>>

Why Ukrainian startups avoid investors during war   >>>

How to find, write and seal a story for 200+ publications   >>>

Which Ukrainian projects will be in demand among foreign investors   >>>

Where to get an idea for your startup? Three sources   >>>

Ukrainian startup Effa joined the 500 Global program and attracted investments   >>>

The EBRD and the EU support “green” innovations in Ukraine   >>>

Time to work on the business climate: how to attract investors to Ukraine during and after the war   >>>

The EU has provided support to Ukraine in the field of research, innovation and recovery within the framework of the “Horizon Europe” program in 2023-2024   >>>

Advertising technologies. Five main AdTech trends and forecasts from SmartyAds   >>>

Where to look for investments for Ukrainian startups during the war   >>>

Ukraine plans to create a private investment fund and insure military risks   >>>

The EBRD, Switzerland and the USA will help Ukrainian SMEs to relocate to safer regions   >>>

Three open innovation challenges, where energy storage and energy storage technologies are being sought   >>>

EBA: Ukraine’s investment attractiveness index has recovered to the “covid” value   >>>

An accelerator for city initiatives was announced in Kyiv. Why is it needed?   >>>


Forums and Projects


Technical recommendations of the new built Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) in Ukraine >>>

IEA’s latest market report, Energy Efficiency 2022 (Eng.)   >>>

Materials of the “Forum on Energy Security-2022”: The future of green energy in Ukraine. Possibilities and roadmap for the introduction of guarantees of origin of “green” energy in Ukraine   >>>

An engineering perspective on the future of Ukrainian energy industry   >>>

Registration for Webinar “Bioenergy Europe 2022 Statistical Reports: The Overview” 12 January 2023 (Eng.)   >>>

Central European Biomass Conference CEBC2023, 18 – 20 January 2023 (Eng.)   >>>

The results of the study within the framework of the UNIDO project “A series of surveys: Strengthening the energy security of industry and preparing for the measures of its “green” restoration”   >>>

European Sustainable Energy Week, June 20-22, 2023 (Eng.)   >>>

On-line seminar “Framework law “On waste management”: analysis from the perspective of compliance with zero waste principles”   >>>

XII Sikorsky Challenge startup competition (October, 2023)   >>>

Online discussion “Everything will be RES! An engineering view of the future of Ukrainian energy”!   >>>

Webinar “The state of implementation of energy management systems in industry”   >>>

On-line conference “Circular economy and its advantages for Ukrainian industry in conditions of recovery and reconstruction”   >>>


News and Technologies


Two waste processing plants will be built in Kyiv Region for $117 million   >>>

The consulting firm Kyiv Consulting made a report on the investment potential of Ukraine   >>>

Ukraine offers more than 500 investment projects worth $400 billion   >>>

Climeworks has begun construction of the world’s largest CO2 capture plant   >>>

IEA: The war in Ukraine will cause a global doubling of “green” energy capacity   >>>

Up to 10 first biomethane producers may appear in Ukraine in the coming years   >>>

In Ukraine, we need to build biomethane plants and make money   >>>

Bioenergy is important and promising. Why?   >>>

Research: 78% of Ukrainians have a positive attitude towards RES   >>>

Denmark will create a new type of energy system thanks to energy islands   >>>

Aeromine bladeless wind turbines produce up to 50% more energy than solar panels   >>>

A Ukrainian schoolboy created a device for obtaining electricity from the atmosphere – 1 kilowatt for 3 kopecks   >>>

RE:start of Ukrainian companies. Project Ukraine without waste   >>>

The European Commission launched the European Solar Industry Alliance   >>>

They want to turn Tokyo into an energy-independent metropolis thanks to a floating SPP   >>>


Legislation and Regulation


Legislative initiatives for the period from November 1 to 30, 2022, affecting the activities of renewable energy producers   >>>

On the way to sustainable management of water resources: the Government approved the Water Strategy of Ukraine until 2050   >>>

How a qualitatively new model of waste management will be built in Ukraine: the Ministry of Environment presented the Roadmap of the reform   >>>

The draft Resolution “On the development of hydrogen energy” was registered in Verkhovna Rada  >>>

Modern rules for the chemical market will be introduced in Ukraine: the Council has taken the last step   >>>

Road map “Key aspects of hazardous waste management”   >>>

European Parliament and European Council reach tentative agreement on new CO2 tax for heating and transport, easing transition with new social climate fund   >>>

The draft law on highly efficient cogeneration, prepared for the second reading, was approved by the VRU Committee on Energy and Housing   >>>

The Council was recommended to adopt a draft law on increasing energy efficiency in energy production   >>>

In Ukraine, it was allowed to use organic fertilizers from the waste of biogas plants   >>>

EU agrees to review carbon market to meet 2030 climate target   >>>



Useful links


Ukrainian translation of the manual “Energy from agro-industrial residues”   >>>

The book “Energy production from biomass in Ukraine: technologies, development, prospects” is already available on the Akademperiodika website   >>>

Reference document on the best available technologies and management methods “Energy efficiency”   >>>

Sustainable Finance Diagnostic Toolkit (Eng.)   >>>

YouTube channel “Startup Kitchen”   >>>

Reactor Monitor is Ukraine’s largest aggregator of open innovation challenges   >>>

Coalition “Energy Transition”   >>>