CleanTech News Digest (June, 2022)

Monthly Digest of news in the field of transition to a Green Economy, Clean Technologies and Innovations.

June, 2022

Startups and Investments


How to create an idea for a Startup “from the air”?   >>>

School of startups Y Combinator  >>>

“Mentors in the rear.” How to get advice from experts from global companies   >>>

Keep an eye on the pulse of companies, investors and trends to look out for in eco-innovation   >>>

The UNIDO project initiates a series of surveys of enterprises aimed at gathering the necessary information to adapt current and develop new measures of technical assistance and investment support to industry    >>>

Fuel for startups. Both the army and the state created Israel’s venture industry  >>>

Change the world or get out. Why the world needs “low” startups and what makes them “high”    >>>

Last chance to join. On the Funding Lab platform, startups can find investment opportunities   >>>

New opportunities for startups: Ukrainian Tech Circle initiative from Roosh, Google for Startups and others   >>>

Ukrainian Tech Circle: The IT community has launched a unique initiative to support Ukrainian startups  >>>

The state will invest UAH 10 billion in startups and pay for IT courses for 60,000 Ukrainians   >>>

6 reasons to invest in startups from Ukraine   >>> 

An online platform for investing in startups has been launched in Ukraine    >>>

World’s first classification of green finances has been established  >>>

EUEA Green Interview with Oleksiy Savin, Director of the Eco-Department of JSB UKRGASBANK   >>>  


Forums and Projects


XI Sikorsky Challenge 2022 Startup Competition   >>>

Join the Cleantech Forum Europe on November 8-10   >>> 

10 open competitions for green grants from the LIFE program   >>>  

13th European-Ukrainian Energy Day  >>>


About the project “2022: ECOTRANSFORMATION & ESG without borders”   >>>

International Conference “Energy from Biomass” (September, 2022)    >>>  

Project “Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change”  >>>


News and Technologies


India has the first hybrid power plant with a capacity of 390 MW    >>>  

Dallas Airport planes will fly on oil from McDonald’s   >>>  

In Denmark, a boiler was built that works even on low-quality straw   >>>  

The “green” boiler house in Kyiv region provided 40% of the city’s needs  >>>  

Wheels for Javelin and charging for Starlink. How electric bikes are made in Ternopil   >>>  

BIO-LNG (liquefied biomethane) – what is it?    >>>  

Saudi Arabia will build the world’s largest solar-powered thermal power plant    >>>  

Startup Alsym introduced new batteries made of readily available materials, free of lithium and cobalt   >>>  

Biogas project from Vinnytsia region receives worldwide recognition at the annual innovation competition in Birmingham   >>>  


Legislation and Regulation


The State Agency for Energy Efficiency is working on the implementation of the National Energy Efficiency Monitoring System >>>  

What is the origin of electricity from renewable the guarantee sources    >>>  

How to modernize the Ukrainian energy sector during the postwar reconstruction    >>>  

Money on waste: what Ukraine needs to give up the cost of importing Russian gas    >>>  

How the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis affected Fit for 55   >>>  

What is included in the REPowerEU plan and how will it help Ukraine?   >>>  

The world’s first classification of green finance has been created  >>>  

European Investment Bank Report “Unlocking the Hydrogen Economy – Stimulating Investment in the Hydrogen Value Chain”  >>>  

Experts have explained why the EU is outraged by the new “green” investment  >>>  

The European Parliament has approved 3 key bills to combat climate change  >>>  

The Council of the EU sets new 2030 renewable and energy efficiency targets    >>>