CleanTech News Digest (November, 2022)

Monthly Digest of news in the field of transition to a Green Economy, Clean Technologies and Innovations.

November, 2022

Startups and Investments


Investor identification: why you shouldn’t take funds from the first investor you meet >>>

How to read pitch dec. Part two >>>

How Ukrainian startup Releaf Paper survives during the war >>>

The EU will support geological start-ups of Ukraine. Why do you need to hurry? >>>

Don’t make yourself an idol. How and why we turn entrepreneurs into mythological heroes >>>

Meta allocates $1.5 million to Ukrainian SMEs. How to get? >>>

REPowerEU: Commission invests 3 billion euros in innovative clean tech projects >>>

Platform for attracting impact investing (MVP) >>>

10 mistakes that entrepreneurs make >>>

Greencubator is recruiting students for the educational platform for “green” entrepreneurs! >>>

In Ukraine, the educational hub “Google Knowledge” was launched, where educational resources are         collected >>>

Holding the defense: how Ukrainian SMEs adapted to the war >>>

What is innovation? >>>

Agri Food Startup Bootcamp — boost your startup! >>>


Forums and Projects


The 4th International Forum on Long-term Energy Scenarios for the Clean Energy Transition, 09 December 2022, Bonn, Germany  >>>

Video of Webinar “Using the SBP Certification Scheme for REDII Compliance” held on 25 October, 2022  >>>

Energy Security Forum: Post-war recovery of Ukraine’s energy sector >>>

VII Business & Legal Energy Forum, 30 November, 2022 >>>

Conference The European Bioenergy Future 2022 (EBF2022), 22-23 November, Brussels  >>>

Presentation of your business to an investor on Invest Ring >>>

An opportunity to get acquainted with the materials of the II International Forum on Sustainable          Development >>>

Materials of the interaction forum “TOGETHER-2022: Sustainable transformation as part of the global technology of victory” >>>

Online training for entrepreneurs: schools, programs, cost >>>

Materials of the webinar “Use of alternative fuels in aviation and water transport” >>>

Information materials of the online event “Ecological footprint of a product and its advantages for industrial enterprises” >>>

Energy Transition Accelerator Financing Platform (ETAF) >>>

Discussion “Guarantees of origin of electricity: when Ukrainian consumers will be able to take advantage of the mechanism” >>>

I International Scientific and Practical Conference «Environment recovery and reconstruction: war        context» >>>

UN CC:Learn at COP27:Get up-to-speed on climate change issues with our free 45-minute online classes >>>

ECOMONDO (Exhibition of “green” technologies): All sectors of the circular economy on one platform  >>>

Ukrainian Startups’ Demo Day, 09 December 2022, Warsaw >>>

The Go To Business program for the development of Agri Food ideas >>>

Online discussion “Bioethanol — an element of the country’s future energy security” >>>

Materials of the presentation of the “Analytical Report on Barriers and Prospects of RES Development in Ukraine” >>>


News and Technologies


10 leading organizations in the EU presented 10 ways to speed up the decarbonization of heat supply >>>

Bioenergy showed the potential of substitutes for natural gas in the regions of Ukraine >>>

There are 50 years left before irreversible ecological changes: what everyone can do for the future >>>

Timely eco-awareness: TOP-5 Ukrainian startups fighting for the preservation of the planet >>>

Recycling will not save the planet from the plastic crisis – Greenpeace >>>

Is there a place for ESG in Ukraine today? >>>

IRENA and UNIDO Support Global Energy Transition Through Green Hydrogen  >>>

Startup Solar Plex, from Odesa, converts standard solar panels into an electric heat station >>>

Unéole is a universal system for the production of renewable energy – wind turbines and solar panels in one installation >>>

Why energy efficiency will be the key to the development of the real estate market of Ukraine after the          victory >>>

Through energy efficiency to energy independence >>>

Renewables in Ukraine: poised for renaissance and waiting for the new market model  >>>

In Great Britain, they want to produce “green” hydrogen from synthesis gas >>>

In France, wind-generating trees were invented that can catch any wind >>>

A Ukrainian lyceum student invented a way to charge a smartphone from bacteria and leftover lunch >>>


Legislation and Regulation


The development of electronic trade in alternative fuels is an important draft law >>>

Green light for the renewable energy and energy efficiency directives >>>

Legislative initiatives for October 2022 affecting the activities of RES producers >>>

RES support: Net Metering and Net Billing. What is the difference and which system will win? >>>

The agenda of the Eco Committee of the Verkhovna Rada for November 17 has appeared: what will be considered by the People’s Deputies >>>

The Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading the draft law “On the state system of environmental monitoring” >>>

Window for investments: what opportunities e-residency of Ukraine will open for foreigners and the          economy >>>

Useful links


Analytical note No. 29 of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine is devoted to the analysis of prospects for biomethane production in Ukraine >>>

IRENA Report “Renewable energy targets in 2022: A guide to design” >>>

Bracing for Climate Impact: Renewables as a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy  >>>

IRENA Community Energy Toolkit: best practices for broadening the ownership of renewables  >>>

Launch of EBRD Climate Adaptation Action Plan at COP27  >>>

User’s guide for working with the BIOPLAT-EU Project Cost Chain Sustainability Assessment Tool >>>