CleanTech News Digest (October, 2022)

Monthly Digest of news in the field of transition to a Green Economy, Clean Technologies and Innovations.

October, 2022

Startups and Investments


What five directions for startups will be in demand in Ukraine after the war >>>

The Lviv developer of smart houses made it to the finals of the European startup competition >>>

How to read pitch dec. Part one >>>

Presentation (pitch) of the Ukrainian start-up S.Lab – the winner of the Climate Innovation Vouchers regional competition (Eng.)  >>>

Which Ukrainian startups took part in the international technology exhibition TechBBQ 2022 >>>

Under the guise of a global company: how Russian business haunts Ukrainian startups >>>

“Let everyone who enters here leave hope.” How selling to tech giants can kill your startup >>>

How to Survive and Save a Startup Team in a Time of War >>>

Greencubator works: a digest of successes and news from the front >>>

Between “innovation architecture” and “innovation fatigue” >>>

Seven lessons instead of a dream. How we didn’t build a unicorn >>>

Startup World Cup: why should you go there? >>>

Grant and financial support for Ukrainian business >>>

An opportunity for Ukrainian entrepreneurs to receive grant support of up to 50,000 euros within the framework of the “Ukrainian Business in Action” project. The deadline is November 20, 2022 >>>

EBRD invests $40 million in the Horizon Capital Growth Fund IV to support technological SMEs in Ukraine >>>

SAVEUASTARTUPS matching platform for offers from partners and startups in need of support >>>

Land of opportunities: why an investor will come to Ukraine >>>

The Advantage Ukraine investment platform received over 250 applications from foreign partners in a month >>>

How Ukraine can attract funds for sustainable development projects >>>

What grants are currently available to Ukrainian businesses >>>

“Green” banks are an incentive for investment in sustainable climate solutions and green recovery >>>


Forums and Projects


Virtual Conference “9th Annual OECD Forum on Green Finance and Investment”, 5-7 October 2022 (Eng.) >>>

StartupBlink Online Ecosystem Summit, 13 October (Eng.) >>>

Global Green Growth Week 2022, 24-28 October (Eng.)  >>>

The International Sustainable Development Forum was held in Ukraine >>>

Results of the 13th European-Ukrainian Energy Day >>>

View Webinar Materials: Industry CO2 Neutral and Circular in 2050 (Eng.) >>>

Sustainable Innovation Forum (hybrid), 9-10 November, 2022 (Eng.) >>>

Registration for the Conference Bio360expo (bioenergy-bioeconomy) is open (Eng.)  >>>

UN CC:e-Learn training course “Introduction to the green economy” (Ukr.) >>>

European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) sessions on YouTube (Eng.) >>>

The opportunity to get acquainted with the finalist startups of the Global Grand Final ClimateLaunchpad, which will take place on October 27-28 and November 3, 2022 >>>

Materials of the online event of the Center for resource-efficient and clean production “Ecological footprint of the product and its advantages for industrial enterprises” >>>

The video clip “Concept of the circular economy in Ukraine”, which was presented at the online event of the RECP Center >>>

Online forum “Together-2022” to discuss the realism of sustainability and environmental sustainability of the Recovery Plan of Ukraine >>>

Towards a Green Economy with EU4Environment in Ukraine: Achievements in 2021-2022 >>>

Green Finance Platform: A diagnostic toolkit to help countries develop a sustainable finance roadmap >>>

“Greening the Industry” campaign – the potential of resource efficiency for manufacturing enterprises in the Eastern Partnership countries (Eng.) >>>

Project-challenge “Don’t burn – compost!” for responsible communities>>>


News and Technologies


How green energy can become a driver of Ukraine’s recovery >>>

“Green” gas from waste: when biomethane will help Ukraine become energy independent >>>

Biomethane buses in the Estonian city of Tartu >>>

7 US states have formed a hydrogen coalition to decarbonize trucks and ferries >>>

Ukraine is taking a course to replace natural gas with biomethane. Will the gas transportation network cope with this type of fuel?  >>>

How can Ukraine not lose a chance for an energy-efficient future?  >>>

Green Industry Platform welcomes Ukraine’s RECP Center as a new partner >>>

Heating homes with hydrogen will increase consumer bills by 70% – study >>>

China wants to produce solar energy in space >>>

Energy crops vs food products in Ukraine >>>

“Naftogaz” plans to launch powerful biothermal power plants in two cities of Ukraine in 2023 >>>

Growth despite the crisis: why Ukrainian small and medium-sized businesses will endure and win >>>

War and eco-modernization: is it possible to reform industrial pollution in Ukraine >>>

Renewable energy generation in war conditions: restore what was shot, preserve what survived >>>

Energy Community Secretariat Ukraine Support Activities (Eng.)  >>>

The Lviv developer of smart houses made it to the finals of the European startup competition >>>

The first biogas plant for the production of liquefied biogas in Finland >>>

Natural fibers and industrial waste will make concrete stronger >>>

Ultra-fast rechargeable water-based zinc battery with extended life >>>

A new catalyst turns plastic waste into propane, which can be used as fuel >>>

The device on the Peltier element extracts water from the air >>>

Hand made: how to make a “smart” house from a Khrushchev for $50 >>>

In Germany, the community provided itself with heat and electricity from straw >>>

Scientists have figured out how to extract 150% more cheap energy with the help of wind >>>

The Kyiv-Dnieper startup created a battery prototype with Ukrainian graphene >>>

Aeromine bladeless wind turbines produce up to 50% more energy than solar panels >>>

A night club in Glasgow heats the premises with the heat of the guests’ bodies >>>


Legislation and Regulation


Legislative initiatives for September 2022 affecting the activities of RES producers >>>

Creation of a biofuel exchange in Ukraine — draft law registered >>>

Renewable Energy Directive: 45% renewable energy by 2030 — European Parliament approves report >>>

REDIII adoption welcome but “primary woody biomass” raises concerns >>>

EEB Policy Brief on RED III: Taking the Paris Agreement Compatible (PAC) energy scenario to the next level >>>

President Zelensky signed the law on the National Register of Emissions >>>

How to stimulate citizens to participate in investment activities >>>

The government initiated changes to legislation aimed at creating a favorable investment climate >>>

In Europe, 10 steps were presented for rapid decarbonization of heating >>>


Useful links


I-GO Assistant: SME resource efficiency self-assessment and navigation tool (Eng.) >>>

Energy efficiency platform: everything about energy efficiency in Ukraine >>>

Green Industry Platform (Eng.) >>>

Benchmarking for Trade: Small and Medium Enterprises. Measure, improve and compete (Eng.) >>>

World Bank Group Climate Change Action Plan 2021–2025: Supporting green, resilient, and inclusive development (Eng.)  >>>

Global Hydrogen Energy Review: IEA September 2022 Report >>>

A series of free webinars for entrepreneurs on the peculiarities of business communication in English. The project is completed, recordings of broadcasts are available >>>

IEA Report “Financing clean energy transitions in emerging and developing economies” (Eng.) >>>