CleanTech News Digest (September, 2022)

Monthly Digest of news in the field of transition to a Green Economy, Clean Technologies and Innovations.

September, 2022

Startups and Investments


Ukrainian business in conditions of full-scale war: analysis of the situation for six months >>>

€6 billion is needed to restore Ukrainian small and medium-sized businesses. Research >>>

The Global Startup Ecosystem Index Report 2022  >>>

Program of the Estonian accelerator BEAMLINE for CleanTech startups  >>>

8 insights about strategy, analytics, investment and marketing from StartUp Academy graduates >>>

Unit economy: what is it and what are the main principles of its implementation? >>>

Demium Capital is launching a venture fund for investments in startups in Central Europe and Ukraine >>>

Polish Inovo is creating a new €100 million fund with a focus on Ukrainian startups >>>

The experience of support of innovative start-ups in Poland, Slovenia and Czechia: lessons for Ukraine >>>

The Ukrainian Social Academy is launching a new grant program for the development of small and micro-enterprises >>>

Soap bubble or space shuttle: why startups take off to the wrong place (And how to rethink the model of corporate accelerators) >>>

Surviving War: How the Startup Ecosystem Builds Resilience >>>

Startups will be able to receive $10,000 from Mastercard. How to apply? >>>

The selection of Ukrainian startups at CES-2023 has started >>>

The first Ukrainian hackathon for the needs of the Armed Forces was announced >>>

PUSB co-working space for Ukrainian startups opens in Warsaw >>>

Google launches Market Finder in Ukraine, which makes it easier for businesses to enter new markets >>>

Ukraine presented the platform for attracting foreign investments Advantage Ukraine >>>

Development of Ukrainian innovations and the startup ecosystem: how can the Ukrainian Association of Startups help >>>

The American fund ffVC will invest up to $50 million in Ukrainian startups in a year and a half >>>


Forums and Projects


13th European-Ukrainian Energy Day, 14 October, 2022, Vienna, Austria >>>

European Biogas Conference, October 25-26, 2022, Brussels, Belgium  >>>

European Sustainable Energy Week (hybrid), 26-30 September, Brussels, Belgium  >>>

EU4Environment supports the Eastern Partnership countries in the direction of green transformation >>>

Green post-war reconstruction of Ukraine: vision and models  >>>

IRENA and Industry Leaders Launch the Alliance for Industry Decarbonization >>>

International conference “The Future of European Bioenergy (EBF2022), November 22-23. Brussels, Belgium >>>

The GURT Resource Center opened registration for entrepreneurship training in 7 cities of Ukraine >>>

Sustainable Innovation Forum at, COP279 – 10 November 2022, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt  >>>

Round Table “How Ukraine’s green recovery can unlock rapid decarbonization of the European continent?”  >>>

A series of highly specialized professional discussions of the Energy Club in partnership with the State Energy Efficiency Agency on the development of bioenergy in Ukraine >>>

Materials of the online event “Green recovery of Ukraine: mission (impossible)” >>>

The International Sustainable Development Forum will be held on October 6 in Kyiv >>>

The fourth All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference “European integration of environmental policy of Ukraine” (October 25-26, 2022) >>>


News and Technologies


ESG in the world and prospects for business in Ukraine. Where to start?  >>>

Shell intends to build Europe’s largest plant for the production of “green” hydrogen >>>

In Ukraine, 30 biomethane plants have submitted applications for connection to networks >>>

Export of biomethane: Ukrainian companies must undergo ISCC international certification >>>

The EU will allocate €5.4 billion to the development and development of hydrogen technologies >>>

“Silpo” Re Cycling supermarket received the BREEAM certificate >>>

The income from growing energy plants and raw materials for the production of biomethane is no less than the income from growing wheat and corn >>>

Hydrogen trend: the use of hydrogen is being actively researched and tested in various parts of the world >>>

In the Rivne region, they want to save an additional 10% on fuel: how to do it >>>

The transformation of the “Patriot” IP into an eco-industrial park is included in the Strategy for the Recovery and Development of the Economy of the Sumy Region for 2022-2024 >>>

The war in Ukraine increased the popularity of biofuels >>>


Legislation and Regulation


The business is asking for a review of the regulation of renewable energy sources in order to continue full-fledged work >>>

The Eco-Committee adopted a new decision on the draft law “On the reform of eco-control” >>>

Energy Community set to adopt ambitions 2030 energy and climate targets at December Ministerial Council  >>>

Long-term strategy of thermo-modernization until 2050 and State target program of support for thermo-modernization until 2030 (Concept)  >>>

Ukraine has registered 2 draft laws that will exempt biofuel consumers from part of the taxes >>>

Ukrainians were told about their rights and responsibilities as waste generators >>>

The government approved the draft law on rapid investments >>>

Is it legal to sell used batteries (waste) without a waste management license? >>>

Draft Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Environmental Impact Assessment”: proposals of the Professional Association of Ecologists of Ukraine (PAEU)  >>>

Environmental tax in Ukraine-2022: changes and the ability to meet future stringent requirements and regulations >>>

In Ukraine, the cancellation of the “green” tariff will become an economic nuclear bomb >>>

Deputies criticized the draft law on guarantees of the origin of energy from RES >>>

The MEPs supported the strengthening of energy saving and the development of RES >>>

The European Parliament adopted a decision to limit the use of biomass >>>

The EUEA sent its proposals to the Ministry of Energy regarding the draft Law of Ukraine on extending the term of commissioning of RES facilities >>>

Timeline of the European Green Deal >>>


Useful links


IRENA Report “Bioenergy for the Transition: Ensuring Sustainability and Overcoming Barriers” >>>

United Nations Learning Partnership on Climate Change   >>>

OECD Report “Access to Private Finance for Green Investments: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Financing in Ukraine”  >>>

Global Energy & Climate Scenarios Through 2050  >>>

World Energy & Climate Statistics – Yearbook 2022  >>>

Monitoring progress based on OECD Green Growth Indicators >>>

Green Industrial Policy: Concept, Policies, Country Experiences  >>>

The future of green energy in Ukraine – the results of the discussion >>>

Research “Potential of biomethane production in the EU”, 2022″  >>>