Ranked: The 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World 2021

From the biotech firms behind the first mRNA vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) to a real estate developer creating high-quality affordable housing (Stablegold Hospitality), the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies address a society remade by COVID-19. Many of them pioneered business models that are now accelerating: Peloton and Zwift, for example, are riding at-home fitness in new directions. Others are taking us to entirely different places, whether it’s the cosmos (SpaceX) or the backwoods (Hipcamp). To determine this year’s Top 50, Fast Company editors and reporters mined our lists of the Top 10 companies by industry for organizations that embody creative problem-solving and fearlessness in the face of crisis. Here are the ones that rose above, along with the business trends they’re advancing.

ТОP-10  Most Innovative Companies in the World 2021:


1. Moderna – For making a COVID-19 vaccine that can travel


2. Pfizer-BioNTech – For being first to market with an effective COVID-19 vaccine


3. Shopify –  For giving small shops a lifeline


4. SpaceX – For flying past competitors in the space race


5. SpringHill Company –  For marrying entertainment with social justice through Hollywood content


6. Epic Games – For challenging Big Tech hegemony—and possessing a vision to build something better


7. Netflix – For making Black audiences central to its programming strategy


8. Tock –  For restoring the advantage to restaurants and small businesses battered by the coronavirus


9. Microsoft  – For firing on all cylinders


10. Graphika – For tracking disinformation campaigns around the world through the 2020 elections and beyond

Other TOP-40 companies

1.Ping An Good Doctor

2. Outschool

3. National Basketball Association

4. Snap

5. Asana

6. Biobot Analytics

7. Nike

8. Ben & Jerry’s

9. Sony Interactive Entertainment

10. Seegene

11. goTRG

12. Corning

13. Farfetch

14. Marqeta

15. Ruangguru

16. Lululemon

17. Aclima

18. Get Shift Done

19. NBCUniversal

20. Hipcamp

21. Panera Bread

22. Puris

23. Avocados From Mexico

24. Hermès

25. LeoLabs

26. Goodby Silverstein & Partners

27. Credo Beauty

28. Twilio

29. SiO2 Materials Science

30. Teladoc Health

31. NotCo

32. Peloton

33. Snowflake

34. Brandlive

35. Substack

36. Frubana

37. Getaway

38. Zwift

39. Skillshare

40 Stablegold Hospitality




Source https://www.fastcompany.com/90603436/the-worlds-most-innovative-companies-2021