The Academy of Sciences has identified the smartest students of 2021


Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine held this year’s competition for the defense of research papers among schoolchildren. It was attended by more than 1,100 students from all over Ukraine, who presented their projects in various sciences. In total, the contestants presented their projects in 65 scientific areas.


5 smartest students and their projects

Roman Yuklenchuk from Kharkiv

The student has developed a system that helps drivers safely cross intersections. The system will tell the driver the distance to the intersection, its parameters and the time remaining for a given traffic light signal, and based on this data will offer the optimal speed. According to the inventor, such a system will not only help reduce the number of accidents that often occur at intersections, but also save fuel.

Oleksandr Kovalchuk from Kiev

The guy came up with an assistant for farmers – the iPoliv system, which helps to reduce water consumption in the fields by 10% and increase yields by 20%. This is possible thanks to sensors that will collect data on soil moisture and microclimate in the field and transmit them to the server, where the most optimal tillage methods will be predicted.

Elyzaveta Lazarova from Kyiv

The schoolgirl found a way to triple the efficiency of solar panels, reduce their payback period by up to 30% and also save 70% of the area occupied by solar power plants. She came up with a unique design – a reflective V-shaped installation, inside which are installed double-sided solar panels.

Anna Tumanova from the Kirovohrad region

The girl invented an alternative to synthetic insulation – a textile material from the inflorescence of cattails. It can be used to create thermal insulation clothing and also save the environment.

Dmytro Zhayvoronok from Kyiv

The student created an anti-virus program to detect and neutralize encryption viruses. Antivirus quickly scans files and programs in real time, finds viruses, neutralizes them or quarantines them using built-in algorithms. A nice bonus: the program is free and has no restrictions related to functionality.


In addition, gold medals were awarded to levitation scales, a device for generating and transmitting SOS signals, a new video conferencing service, a digital audio player, a web service for entrants and many different projects and research – not only technical or computer, but also in history, biology, mathematics, astronomy, etc.


During the year, the winners will receive presidential scholarships and will be able to represent Ukraine at international competitions and contests.




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