The annual festival of school startups “Class Idea-2021” took place in Kyiv.

The annual Festival of School Startups “Class Idea-2021” was attended by 128 young inventors – students aged 6 to 18 years. Participants traditionally passed the two-week StartUP-school of the Festival and presented 100 interesting projects.

All works were divided into 4 categories: IT, health, ecology and technology.


The winners of the Kyiv festival of startups “Class Idea-2021” according to the results of electronic voting were the following projects.


Organizers of the festival: Department of Education and Science of Kyiv, Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth, Kyiv Minor Academy of Sciences. The festival aims to identify the best startup projects, startup ideas, startup solutions that solve specific problems, respond to the urgent needs of society and are aimed at improving public life. Any interested student aged 6 to 18 who had a cool idea or project and was ready to present it could take part in the festival.