CleanTech News Digest (August, 2022)

Monthly Digest of news in the field of transition to a Green Economy, Clean Technologies and Innovations.

August, 2022

Startups and Investments


The latest news about Ukrainian startups for 07/2022   >>>

“Fake it till you make it.” Why the Pretend Culture Doesn’t Work and Hurts Startups    >>>

How the full-scale war affected Ukrainian startups. Ministry of Digital Research   >>>

Forbes survey: How many startups did Ukrainian venture capital funds lose during the five months of the war?   >>>

UFC is preparing a delegation for Web Summit 2022. How can startups get involved? >>>

List of investors in Leantech and Climate Tech projects from the Freeing Energy platform (Eng.)   >>>

Startup encyclopedia or term guide for founders and investors >>>

Overview “The State of the Global Startup Ecosystem in 2022” prepared by Startup Genome (Eng.)   >>>

The phoenix leader: what kind of leader you need to be to successfully run a business in wartime   >>>

Ukrainian startup Lawyerd: automatic protection of intellectual property rights    >>>

This startup predicts the weather to the nearest kilometer. How Atmosphere works    >>>

In Ukraine, a grant program for startups in the field of military technology was launched — up to $35,000   >>>

IT Arena starts the selection of startups for Startup Competition 2022   >>>

Need an investor in a startup?   >>>

Despite the war: the five largest investments in Ukrainian startups    >>>

Collapse to $120 billion: how the war in Ukraine affected the global venture capital market   >>>

5 trends of ESG investment in the world economy   >>>

Possibility of financing energy efficient projects   >>>

Never mind the “how many”, look at the “who”. Why startups should not take funds from the first and best investor   >>>

EU LIFE program: opportunities for startups and small businesses (Eng.)   >>>


Forums and Projects


8th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, 26-30 September, Milano, Italy (Eng.)   >>>

Renewables Networking Platform (Eng.)   >>>

Bucha Tehno Garden: Ukraine and South Korea To Build Innovative Tech Park In The Kyiv Region (Eng.)    >>>

39th International Association of Science Parks (IASP) World Conference “Green and Digital Change through Innovation: The Role of Innovation Ecosystems”, 27-30 September 2022, Seville, Spain (Eng.)   >>>

Materials of the seminar “Eco-industrial parks – the concept of improving the quality of industrial parks”, July 29, 2022    >>>

Express training course “Waste management at the enterprise”, September 23, 2022 (online)   >>>

Energy club: online discussion “Solid biofuel as an alternative to gas   >>>

Special project “Leaders in ESG 2022. National sustainability formula”   >>>


News and Technologies


The potential of replacing natural gas with crop production waste >>>

Waiting for liberation: what are the peculiarities of doing business in the temporarily occupied territories   >>>

In Ukraine, the war opened a “window of opportunity” for the development of RES    >>>

Global development of energy storage systems may reach 500 GW. Infographics    >>>

In Transcarpathia, a residential complex made of hemp will be built for immigrants   >>>

TOP-5 largest biomass plants   >>>

The EU approved the €3 billion eco-modernization of Germany’s district heating   >>>

The world’s largest plant for the production of “green” hydrogen will be built in Brazil   >>>

The method of increasing the efficiency of farms with the help of “green” technologies is named   >>>

Experts predicted the development and potential of the solar panel processing sector   >>>

Pyrolysis – one of the technologies to green the heavy industry (Eng.)    >>>

The potential of energy efficiency in industry as one of the driving aspects of economic recovery   >>>

The carbon footprint of solar panels has quadrupled in a decade    >>>

Ukraine’s investment attractiveness index showed the lowest value since 2013    >>>

Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings has been and will remain an important element of improving Ukraine’s energy security in the future    >>>

A unique technology for obtaining hydrogen from tap water from a Spanish scientist   >>>

Energy Absorbing Breakwater: зgreen energy from water waves   >>>

Researchers are developing new building materials from waste   >>>

In Turkey, the first biofuel plant with negative emissions was created in the EU   >>>

The Swiss company Climeworks proposed a technology for direct capture of CO₂ from the air (Eng.)  >>>

In the Netherlands, a climate startup will help avoid 20% of heat loss during heating    >>>

Concrete and hemp bricks, advantages over standard bricks when building a house   >>>

Australia has created hydrogen technology that produces 700ºC steam   >>>


Legislation and Regulation


The Ministry of Energy has increased the amount of payments to electricity producers under the “green tariff”   >>>

The EU will measure progress in achieving the goals of the Green Deal  >>>

Zelensky signed the law on simplifying home insulation: what will change    >>>

Legislative initiatives for the period of July 15-31, 2022, affecting the activities of RES producers   >>>

Waste management-2023: what lies ahead and what is important to consider now?   >>>

The Ecocommittee supported the creation of a national register of emissions   >>>

Еnergy Community readies to adopt energy and climate targets for 2030 to contribute to achieving a climate-neutral Europe by 2050   >>>

How to dispose of used tires without violations? >>>

Appeal of the Associations regarding the threat of bankruptcy of the RES sector in Ukraine   >>>

Notice on the publication of the draft Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Regarding the Extension of the Term of Commissioning of Renewable Energy Facilities Under Contracts for the Purchase and Sale of Electric Energy at the “Green” Tariff, concluded by December 31, 2019″   >>>

Changes in the RES market: the Verkhovna Rada voted for draft laws #7427 and #7428-2   >>>




Useful links

The European federation of national renewable energy associations (Eng.)   >>>


Ukrainian business in the conditions of war: analysis of the situation  >>>


Open innovation platform REACTOR.UA    >>>


Free open-source solutions for environmental monitoring (Eng.)  >>>