Ukraine’s Revel Laboratory to start printing valves for artificial lungs ventilation machines

                                        Original valve (labeled) and printed on a 3D printer. Photo from Facebook


Ukraine’s Revel Laboratory is switching their 3D printers to print valves for artificial lungs ventilation machines due to a lack of them amid the coronavirus disease COVID-19 pandemic, the co-founder of the company, David Stavnitser, wrote on his Facebook page.


“Tough times require innovative solutions. That is why Revel Laboratory is switching all its 3D printers to the production of valves for artificial lungs ventilation machines. Our Italian colleagues, Isinnova, came up with this solution. Such a valve allows connecting two patients to one lungs ventilation machine,” he said.
According to him, the company has already contacted the Italian colleagues and will soon receive technical specifications and 3D models of the required valves.


Revel Laboratory asks hospitals experiencing interruptions in the supply of valves or which need additional supplies to contact them, as well as manufacturers of plastic for 3D printing, which can deliver Nylon P12 (1.75 or 2.85 mm) approved for use in medicine. The manufacture of plastic valves, weighing about 20 grams, costs no more than one euro.